Hive: The Design Process

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We decided on the name HIVE early on as it seemed to sum up what we were doing, pulling in multiple people and resources to try and get the project off the ground and achieve a common goal.

Initially, HIVE was going to be the name of our honey spirit, but we felt that, like the branding of other products, it was a little ‘on the nose’. Instead, we decided to use it as the company name, eventually encompassing a range of products.

We looked into the history and mythology around honey and bees from various cultures and felt an instant connection and correlation with the art of Alchemy; after all, Bees conduct their own kind of Alchemy making honey.

We took elements of four alchemical symbols used to represent honey, the key ingredient of our fledgling product. 

Next, we added in a Hexagon, which is synonymous with bees and honey and a powerful symbol in alchemy, science, and cultures worldwide.

Finally, we added the four letters that make up our name, and with all these elements combined, we created a unique symbol to represent our brand.


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